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Carrot and spring squash purée

Baby food for the beginningFridgeConvert baby food

  • 2 pcs carrot
  • 100 g squash
  • 60 ml water

  1. Clean the carrots and the squash.
  2. Cube the vegetables and put them into the boiling water to cook well.
  3. Take the vegetables out and blend them until they're smooth. By adding more from the cooking water, you can get a smoother consistency. For older babies, you can just purée them with a fork.
  4. This amount makes two portions for a baby. Freeze it or serve it as the baby's dinner on the same day.


Good points

  • Very low in saturated fat
  • No cholesterol
  • Very high in dietary fiber
  • Very high in manganese
  • High in magnesium
  • High in niacin
  • High in phosphorus
  • Very high in potassium
  • High in riboflavin
  • High in thiamin
  • Very high in vitamin A
  • Very high in vitamin B6
  • Very high in vitamin C

Do not use any seasoning; babies don't need it. At the first times, they only know the taste of mother's milk or the formula's taste. Every flavour is new to them, so the taste of the vegetables are more than enough flavour for baby food.

This recipe also works well with zucchini instead of squash. Just note that it gives more liquid.

Preparation time: 15 min
Portions: 2
Difficulty: easy
Cuisine: International
General (in 1 portion)
Calories: 36 kcal
Carbohydrates: 8.25 g
Cholesterol: 0 mg
Sugar: 3.75 g
Protein: 0.79 g
Fat: 0.41 g
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